Welcome to Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church!

W3110 White Clay Lake Drive
Cecil, WI 54111
(715) 745-2364

Family Style Potato Pancake Dinner
Sunday, October 9
10:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Church Service @ 8:30 AM
Serving - potato pancakes with real maple syrup, chicken soup, wieners, applesauce, cheese, pies, cakes, milk and coffee
Tickets - $9 - Adults, $4 - ages 4-12

We are happy to announce that we have broken ground for our Handicap Bathroom Project and hope to have it completed by our Fall Potato Pancake Dinner on Oct. 9!!

Build our Bathroom - Brick by Brick
We have begun a new phase in raising money to build our handicap bathrooms.  Individuals or families can donate bricks in honor of or in memory of someone or to the glory of God.  We estimate that it will take 6000 bricks for the outside of the bathroom project.  The suggested donation for each brick is $15.  Any number and amount is greatly appreciated.  Upon completion of the project we will have a permanent picture/display of the names and who was honored by the donations.  Thank you for your generosity and we ask God’s guidance and help on this important project.

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